Broadcast Work

hammaglamma has produced hundreds of hours of broadcast television, from live dating shows to historical programming to racing car docs. Scroll down to see a small portion of our work.


BBC America The Brit List

hammaglamma produced a number of features for BBC America, as well as a couple of episodes of the Brit List with the delightful Asha Leo. Shown here is a few small selection of BAFTA interview …


BBC America Movie Wraps

hammaglamma made a number of movie themed interstitials for BBC America, based around their film of the week. A good example is the BBC America screening of James Bond movie, Casino Royale. hammaglamma and wonder …

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Chefs And The City

Chefs In The City gives cooks the once in a lifetime chance to go head to head with the pros at their own game. Each episode, one member of the public – mentored by Hardeep …


TV Towns

TV Towns, presented by Stuart Maconie, is an innovative factual entertainment series that digs out the hidden stories behind some of the UK’s best-loved television locations. TV Towns’ fascinating combination of archive footage and interviews with …


Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days is a nostalgic look back at seven momentous events in modern British history, as seen through the eyes of the public who witnessed them. Using personal archives that include home movie …


Surviving Midsomer

Following on from the hugely popular television drama, ‘Midsomer Murders’, hammaglamma produced this wonderfully humorous documentary special, along with the entire original cast from the series. Essentially, the show is a concise survival guide to living …


The Shackles of Sherlock

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the world!s most popular detective, Sherlock Homes. However, Conan Doyle!s many of his other achievements have gone largely unrecognized. “The Shackles of Sherlock! shows why Sir Arthur should be remembered …


Soundtrack To My Life

Soundtrack To My Life is an insightful and thought provoking music series that looks at the work and influence of an eclectic group of musicians. Seasons 1 and 2 filmed in London whilst Season 3 shot …



Agatha Christie may be known as an author, but she also has some claim to be the world’s most successful playwright bar Shakespeare. Her play “The Mousetrap” – originally penned as an 80th birthday gift …


Something About Christie

Agatha Christie!s detective novels have made her Britain!s most successful literary export since William Shakespeare. In “Murder Made Simple!, well known Agatha Christie actor James Fox presents a masterclass on murder writing and reveals the …