Corporate Work

Below are a few examples of our corporate work. Drop us a line for more info.


Honda Hybrid

Honda decided it would be a good idea to stick their current F1 drivers Jenson Button and Reubens Barrichello behind the wheel of their hybrid car for a fun little feature, which formed part of …


Luck Strike F1 Legacy Film

Throughout the years Lucky Strike spent in F1 , the company made the most of every marketing opportunity. As their official media partner, hammaglamma was present for almost all of it, either documenting events, or …


Making of MIG Commercial

A shoot of a shoot! This fun mini-doc is a look behind the scenes whilst shooting the first of several commercials with Swiss Bank, MIG. You can see the lengths we go to in order …


MIG Viral Campaign

One of the most successful automotive viral campaigns in history. Hammaglamma produced and directed several viral videos for MIG Bank, one of the first and only sponsors of the incredible 2009 Formula One World Champions, …


Building a Rolls Royce

A rare glimpse inside the Rolls Royce factory at Goodwood, UK. Filled with fascinating info on processes, facts and figures involved in creating one of the finest cars in the world, today. From the painstaking …


Arch Motorcycle, the beginning.

The original Arch Motorcycle was born out of a collaboration between veteran motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger and actor Keanu Reeves. It’s a motorcycle inspired both by the machines of old and the shapes of the future. Now, with …


7 For All Mankind, Luxe Performance

hammaglamma has been involved with 7 For All Mankind for several years producing a broad range of materials, from Annual Reviews, to Product Launch films to promote and educate both staff and customers alike.


Lucky Strike Racing F1 Car Launch

BAR Honda called upon hammaglamma’s expertise in order to make a grand entrance when launching their new F1 car, just before the racing seasons began. hammaglamma have always understood the importance of brand values, something …


Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin commissioned hammaglamma to produce the launch video for their flagship DBS model. Following on from the very well received film, Aston commissioned several more videos from hammaglamma to show their involvement in racing …


The History of Honda in Formula 1

A veritable visual feast of Honda’s illustrious career in the highest level motorsport on earth. Digging into Honda’s very own archive, hammaglamma produced this film when Honda withdrew from F1 in 2008. Some of the …