hammaglamma is responsible for some outstanding entertainment shows, below are a few examples of our work.


BBC America The Brit List

hammaglamma produced a number of features for BBC America, as well as a couple of episodes of the Brit List with the delightful Asha Leo. Shown here is a few small selection of BAFTA interview …


BBC America Movie Wraps

hammaglamma made a number of movie themed interstitials for BBC America, based around their film of the week. A good example is the BBC America screening of James Bond movie, Casino Royale. hammaglamma and wonder …

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Chefs And The City

Chefs In The City gives cooks the once in a lifetime chance to go head to head with the pros at their own game. Each episode, one member of the public – mentored by Hardeep …


Soundtrack To My Life

Soundtrack To My Life is an insightful and thought provoking music series that looks at the work and influence of an eclectic group of musicians. Seasons 1 and 2 filmed in London whilst Season 3 shot …


All the Gear No Idea

All The Gear, No Idea is a motorcycle makeover show with teeth. Each episode sees a clueless biker whisked off the UK’s streets by hot host Jenn Birmingham. Once captured, the victims and their rides …


New British Kitchen

Chef extraordinaire, John Torode and host Hardeep Singh Kohli create a definitive geographical food map by exploring the UK’s ethnic heartlands and the diversity of its cuisine. In The New British Kitchen, our celebrity chefs …