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Luck Strike F1 Legacy Film

Throughout the years Lucky Strike spent in F1 , the company made the most of every marketing opportunity. As their official media partner, hammaglamma was present for almost all of it, either documenting events, or …


Building a Rolls Royce

A rare glimpse inside the Rolls Royce factory at Goodwood, UK. Filled with fascinating info on processes, facts and figures involved in creating one of the finest cars in the world, today. From the painstaking …


Arch Motorcycle, the beginning.

The original Arch Motorcycle was born out of a collaboration between veteran motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger and actor Keanu Reeves. It’s a motorcycle inspired both by the machines of old and the shapes of the future. Now, with …


The History of Honda in Formula 1

A veritable visual feast of Honda’s illustrious career in the highest level motorsport on earth. Digging into Honda’s very own archive, hammaglamma produced this film when Honda withdrew from F1 in 2008. Some of the …


Formula One Land Speed Record

How fast can an F1 car go? That was the question Lucky Strike felt obliged to answer. So, they took a perfectly good F1 car and modified it to ensure straight line stability at high …


F1 Season Review – Autosport

With a fine reputation for producing outstanding action footage, hammaglamma enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Haymarket publications, owners of Autosport Magazine in the UK, as well as other titles in the US, such as Racer …


Intel BMW Sauber F1 Behind The Scenes

hammaglamma spent time with the Intel BMW Sauber F1 team on a test in Spain. The video highlights the complex relationship between team techs and driver, as well as a look at the astounding technology being …